Reviews from my 12/7 webinar on “IRS Correspondence”

Reviews from my Webinar on Thursday:

   I thought the webinar went great – and I even did the first 45 minutes or so on my phone coming back from LaGuardia airport on the M60 bus (not highly recommended for stress-free viewing, but it worked).  It seemed like the technology worked well

Excellent presentation by Marc last evening on GoToWebinar – and I recommend more presentations in this format (which can be accessed from anywhere, even when traveling, from cellphone, iPad, laptop, etc.).
I’m assuming Marc’s presentation has been archived and can be reviewed by paid participants for a period of time.  Archiving (for later review or re-review) a key advantage of this format.
More time and flexibility for viewer questions is advised.  I know Marc was looking at a chat box but would also be helpful to un-mute the lines so viewers could hear the NYSSEA member vocalizing their own question – and perhaps some give and take with the presenter.
Not sure how frequently you plan these electronic meetings.  You could double the price and it would still be a bargain to hear NAEA/NYSSEA specialists who can not travel to a chapter meeting downstate.
Might also be helpful to “tape” an actual monthly chapter meeting for re-play on GoToWebinar – for those unable to attend and/or want to replay chapter meeting at a later date.
I did not get any handouts from last night’s webinar

I really enjoyed the NYSSEA’s first webinar. Marc did a great job putting it together. And of course, Marc’s presentation of the information was stellar. It was very helpful to me that the webinar took place in the evening. I have trouble attending any webinars when they are during business hours. The platform was easy to navigate once I had the correct links. I have attended Webinars that did not show the presenter, just the material along with audio. Having Marc included, made it feel more like we were all connected. Well done !

Thanks Ken, it was an excellent webinar. As always the primary benefit is convenience, no travel for participants nor speakers, and valuable information sharing. I prefer this median of training. Thks Marc

Great job.I was privileged to view Marc throughout the two hours!

I have to say, it was very good!  It was as good as any NATP online webinar I’ve taken and those webinars you don’t get to see the speaker.
Thank you, John and Marc for providing the webinar as a last minute alternative to the weather cancellation of the dinner.
1. Liked the speaker and have done some of his webinars before so I was looking forward to it. He freshens sometimes boring subject matter and ties in his personal experiences and humor. The subject matter was fresh and different from usual presentations. The copious (!) amount of slides were direct and informative.
2. Didn’t like… no Chicken Parm dinner!
3. Would love a two person webinar with John and Marc!
Webinar was very informative. Even though he answered some throughout, would have liked an open floor at the end for questions.
Overall it was a good presentation
I have always like to use webinars to earn CE credits because I don’t have to travel especially when the weather gets bad.  Mark is a good speaker.  I will attend more if NYSSEA can do more this type of webinar.
Ken,  Good webinar… Marc always does a great job.    Only recommendation I could make is.. to have a summary handout of all of the notices presented so the attendees could make notes on them as Marc presents.
The subject matter was interesting.
the presenter’s style wqs different but interesting too.
The presenter’s knowledge is vast and sprinkled with anecdote, it was superb.
Keep them coming.