Tax Help Associates provides services that help distressed taxpayers resolve their tax matters. These services include:

  • IRS account information acquisition and analysis
  • IRS representation
  • Business tax consultation
  • Personal income tax return preparation
  • Business/Corporate tax return preparation

IRS Tax Relief Representation

When Individuals or businesses find themselves facing tax-related enforcement action by the IRS and State taxing authorities their first reaction may be to panic. They may feel pressured into compliance and unwisely enter into unrealistic repayment agreements which may unfortunately result in default.

Some may consider the financially devastating alternative of filing bankruptcy or worse, they may just ignore the problem, hoping it will simply “go away.”

We’d like you to consider another option. Contact Tax Help Associates.

We know, from the inside out, exactly what you’re up against. We have a staff of financial professionals including former IRS agents with more that 100 years of professional IRS experience. Tax Help Associates represents individuals and businesses before the IRS and State taxing authorities. We’ll put our professional edge to work for you to help resolve your tax problems and put you – not the IRS – in control of your financial future.


The most important thing to understand is that we must first determine and fix the problem that caused the tax issue. There can be no lasting resolution until a client had filed all tax returns and is making current tax payments.

Don’t trust us. Trust our client testimonials.